An automated influencer marketing platform that helps brands track and manage campaigns. It delivers campaign progress in real-time,  includes a direct internal communication tool between brands and influencers, and a content management system for everything that will be posted on social media.


Our role

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UX Audit

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User Interviews

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Visual Design

Project overview

The Hypefy web application automates influencer marketing and offers a comprehensive overview of data and campaign progress. With clear visualizations, brands can easily track their campaign progress.

  • Campaign builder - Automated campaign creation and performance forecasting
  • Action center - All open tasks are in one place, and most of them can be solved directly in the center
  • Campaign details - Detailed campaign overview, content and influencer management, statistics tracker and automatic brief generator
  • Reporting - Available for download in different complexity levels with analytics and visualization

Client input matters

Understanding client needs is just as important as understanding user needs. We met with the Hypefy team, talked about their goals and what they wished to achieve with the app redesign.

We made sure that Hypefy recognized and supported our process - we always do a discovery phase before working on wireframes and design.

Findings from the discovery phase inform us early on whether all app features are needed, wanted and used, and help us eliminate “nice to have” features that seem like a good idea but are actually not that valuable to brands.

Legacy Hypefy design

The Hypefy team wanted to move away from the legacy app and have a fresh start with a new visual identity; but also additional functionality they found brands would benefit from.

Our first objective was to do a UX audit of the current application, and interviewing users representing the brand persona.

The legacy Hypefy dashboard

User Interviews

We scheduled online interviews with Hypefy users - brands from six different industries to talk about the Hypefy app and how they use it.

The interviews were conducted online. We took notes, and to be sure we would catch each important detail, we recorded each interview with consent of the brands.

Interview process

We talked with brands about how long they have been using the Hypefy app, what they thought about it and to share some interesting titbits from their latest campaign.

The most interesting takeaway here was that none of them used the Campaign Builder, so our interviews also had a user testing component as well.

Discovery is an integral part of the user centered design process. Ideally, no project should be done without a discovery phase - product scoping, client and user interviews. By eliminating questionable features early on, our clients are saving money and optimizing development time.

Conducting remote user interviews with users


Brands were glad to talk about their current experiences with the app and helped us discover points of friction.

We documented insights from the user interviews and compared them to user story specifications produced by the Hypefy team.

The interview process enabled us to establish a shared language between Hypefy, their users, and us, and move forward with a shared goal.

Interview findings analysis

The best parts were the check-ins, in which the McKnight Media team would show how deeply they understood and built what they worked on.

Many times the team would surprise us with building on top of what we had given them and improving our planned processes, while simultaneously simplifying them. That is UX in its core.

Hypefy Reimagined

Insights from the audit, client interview, and brands interviews helped us shape the new Hypefy app.Our shared goal was to make campaign creation, progress tracking and interactions with influencers seamless.

In addition to the web app, we also created the mobile Hypefy app, so brands can check progress on the go, and get notifications as soon as something important happens.

Bringing design to life

Wireframing helped us keep focus on functionality instead of interface. Once everyone was satisfied with function, we moved to actual design.

Hypefy dashboard wireframe

The new dashboard

The new dashboard gives brands a comprehensive overview of what’s happening in their campaigns.

Now brands can track required actions directly through notifications and the “My To Do List” section in the header without having to go into the details of each campaign.

Campaign specific actions can be seen directly on the campaign card’s upper right corner.

Hypefy dashboard for mobile and web

Dashboard elements

Action center shortcuts

We’ve identified five different types of tasks brands wish to take care of as soon as possible, and surfaced them to the dashboard level.

By grouping related tasks into one, we’ve minimized context switching and reduced cognitive load.

Action center shortcuts

Campaign card anatomy

Each campaign card on the dashboard shows brands relevant data at a glance. The type of data shown depends on the current status of a campaign. Active campaigns have the most information.

The challenge here was to create a hierarchy and keep cards easily scannable even when they hold a lot of data. We used type variations to signal relevancy, with reach, progress, and open actions being the most important metrics to spot.

Campaign card anatomy

The Campaign Builder

The goal of the Campaign Builder redesign was to speed up and simplify user input. There are only a few required items, such as Campaign Goal, Name, Duration and Budget.

Everything else can be handled by Hypefy’s automated process of matching brands with the best influencers, significantly cutting down the time to prep and launch the campaign.

Campaign wizard flow

Campaign builder steps

Campaign lifecycle

By showing the lifecycle stage as status, brands can track the progress of their campaigns, get insights into essential data, and take appropriate actions.

Number one

draft mode: Campaign setup

Brands starts creating a new campaign but is not ready to complete the process.

Hypefy campaign in draft mode
Number two

Payment pending

Campaign is ready to be launched, but no funds were added to the account.

Payment pending notification

Preparing: Choosing influencers and budget

The campaign is created, paid, and launched. The brand can now approve influencers and allocate funds.

Number 3
Choosing influencers for a campaign

ACTIVE campaign

Influencers send content for review and afterwards post it to social media. The brand can request edits, approve content, and monitor overall progress of the campaign.

Number 4
Approving or editing influencer content before it is published

Finished campaign

The campaign is officially over, all content is live, and the brand monitors performance statistics and can download reports.

Number 5
Reviewing influencer campaign statistics and downloading reports

Content approval

Hypefy lets brands kick back and relax by automating most of the campaign. Still, brands can opt to approve all content manually before it gets posted online.

Content approval tab where admins review influencer content and request changes

Influencer interactions

Check Progress at any time

Brands can check what influencers have been posting in the Content tab.

If they choose the Manual approval option, this is where they can review the content, request changes and chat with influencers if needed.

Content status tracking and administration


Brands can chat with influencers about the content right in the Hypefy app and check content change history whenever they need.

Chat communication with influencers

New Design System

The newly created Hypefy design system lowers the learning curve for users by ensuring consistent behavior and experience across all app features.

New Hypefy design system

They were friendly and understanding even when we’d change the specification, they would give new recommendations, and build more than one version of everything they worked on so we could “feel” different designs and mix and match them to achieve perfection.

The feedback we got so far was exclusively amazing.

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