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Why hire McKnight Media?

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We're specialized

Our specialization and experience enables us to solve complex problems faster.

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We're reliable

We have proven to be a more reliable design partner than the average freelancer.

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We're dev savvy

We have development experience so we design with technical trade-offs in mind.

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We're fast

We are small, agile, and can often move faster than your in-house team.

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We're resourceful

We proactively propose solutions even when given minimal input.

Don't take our word for it

Many times the team would surprise us with building on top of what we had given them and improving our planned processes, while simultaneously simplifying them.

Stjepan Zelić

CEO, Hypefy

We can see that they put a lot of effort into every task we give them and they always go well above what’s necessary — that’s helped us tremendously.

Domagoj Bagarić

CEO, Sintezis Startup Studio

Domagoj Bagarić Sintezis Startup Studio
They always go above and beyond to understand what the business needs and the constraints the developers (me) have to deal with.

Jay Ward

Software Engineer, SquadLocker

Jay Ward SquadLocker
The communication with McKnight Media was exceptional as they are very professional and pleasant to work with.

Dino Ravnić

CEO, GIS Cloud

Dino Ravnić GIS Cloud
Working with them has proven to be a smooth experience. The team is open-minded, responsive & able to deliver great results - even on tight schedules.

Denis Grahovac

Software Development Manager,
Rimac Technology

Denis Grahovac Rimac Technology
They’ll take time to understand your business and design digital products and UX that’ll meet your users’ needs.

Aoja Cashman

UX Director, SquadLocker

Aoja Cashman SquadLocker
I think it’s rare to work with a design firm where you truly feel like they are part of the team. Working with McKnight Media has been a breath of fresh air.

Jay Ward

Software Engineer, SquadLocker

Jay Ward SquadLocker
They have amazing attention to detail and a wholesome approach to the design work.

David Davtian

Product Manager, Space Inch

David Davtian Space Inch
The speed and way they respond and explain certain design decision is insightful and refreshing.

Bruno Fištrek

Software Engineer, Space Inch

Bruno Fištrek Space Inch
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